The employees are the strongest pillar!

The employees are the strongest pillar, whether they work at the modern central facility or at any of our four facilities in Europe. Our employees have outstanding achievements and we recognize their merits. We want to have only the best trained employees. They have a crucial contribution to strengthening our position on the market. The permanent in-house trainings keep our employees in contact with the most advanced technological developments. Additionally, we provide training opportunities within our company for young people willing to pursue a career in the field of railway, civil or industrial construction.Most of our employees have been with us for a long time. They appreciate our entrepreneurial culture and the working environment based on mutual trust.

The company’s staff structure is made up of around 115 employees, including:

  • Management:
    • Two administrators;
    • Two managers;
  • 12 auxiliary personnel;
  • 14 engineers;
  • approx. 80 operational employees;
  • 2 quality control personnel.

The operational and control personnel are continuously trained, the HR Department and the heads of departments/site managers keeping record of the personnel training/licensing.

We have employees licenced for:

  • RTE/Quality Control (Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transportation);
  • Thermit welding (Elektro-Thermit licensed).
  • Thermit welding (Railtech licensed).

Advanced technology. The customer is the one who benefits!

Our customer is the one who benefits. Teamwork and the top-level professional knowledge bring the best results.
A further guarantee for our success is the equipment we use. Our equipment and machinery are subject to a continuous improvement process, placing us in the forefront of the railway construction industry. This is how, based on our dynamic and flexible approach, we are able to maintain high levels of operability for the railways operated by our clients.

Moreover, we do not do mass production, but challenge our experience to develop new machines and procedures in order to serve our clients promptly and effectively.

WIEBE has developed improved versions of various machines, which were adopted by manufacturers and have become international industry benchmarks (e.g. RPMW2002 and GEORAIL-Express).
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Innovation and profit reinvestment. Wiebe is in the forefront of technology!

The Wiebe family has always invested the company’s profit in a responsible manner, building a strong and financially sound group.

Wiebe uses its own resources for innovation and investments. Wiebe is a group of specialized companies, all having the same goal: to match and even exceed the expectations of their clients.

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