Our services

Civil and industrial construction; Turnkey construction; Bridges and tunnels construction; Noise barriers; Renting of construction equipment. Railway construction, repair works and maintenance, including the track bed construction; Construction, repair and maintenance for railway bridges; Construction, protection and consolidation for railway embankments;

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Certification – Licensing – Agreements

In addition to the Railway Supplier Authorization, the company holds the following Railway Technical Approvals and Certifications: Railway Technical Agreement / Construction, rehabilitation, upgrading and major repairs to railway tracks, including rail welding – Serie AT No. 1168/2013; Railway Technical Agreement / Construction, repair, consolidation, maintenance of railway tracks and shore defense – Series AT No. 897/2015;

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Wiebe Romania is a young emergent company and the machinery and equipment resources have been sized to satisfy its current needs. Considering that in the future Wiebe Romania will take part with H.F. Wiebe GmbH in major projects, the range of equipment is expected to grow.

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