Our services

  • Civil and industrial construction;
  • Turnkey construction;
  • Bridges and tunnels construction;
  • Noise barriers;
  • Renting of construction equipment.
  • Railway construction, repair works and maintenance, including the track bed construction;
  • Construction, repair and maintenance for railway bridges;
  • Construction, protection and consolidation for railway embankments;
  • Thermit/electric and continuous welding, including the incorporation of switch rails in the welded track;
  • Manufacturing of insulating joints, transition rails and buffer stops;
  • Design and consulting for railway infrastructure;
  • Construction, repair and maintenance of railway-related buildings, including the related installations, except for natural gas supply systems;
  • Construction, repair and maintenance of passages, platforms, roofs, delivery roadways and ramps in railway areas.
  • Performance of construction-assembly, optimization and extensive repair works of the installations of the catenary and the protection of the systems on the tracks and in the neighbouring area;
  • Undercrossings of railway by horizontal guided drilling, for diameters smaller or equal to 400 mm.
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