We began with the rehabilitation of the Bucharest – Campina railway. We want to bring the Romanian infrastructure to European standards!

Wiebe Romania SRL, subsidiary of the German group H. F. Wiebe GmbH & Co. KG, is registered in Romania as a legal person and is coordinated by the Wiebe International Department.

After H. F. Wiebe GmbH & Co. KG participated between 2001 to 2004 to the project “Upgrade for speeds up to 160 km/h of the Bucharest – Campina railway, a component of the Pan-European Corridor IV” as sole contractor for the construction of the twin-track steel railway bridge over Prahova River at km 45+703 and with a share of more than 40% of the railway substructure and superstructure rehabilitation, as partner in the Swietelsky – Wiebe – CCCF joint venture, some of the company’s personnel and equipment were transferred to Wiebe Romania, which was established in late 2003 in order to make Wiebe’s operations in Romania permanent.

The company has strengthened its position on the market by undertaking individual projects or by participating in H. F. Wiebe GmbH & Co. KG’s projects.

In 2004, in Bucharest, acting as Amec Spie’s subcontractor, Wiebe Romania performed track welding and installation works for continuous-welded track in the rehabilitation of tram tracks project, on the section for Line 12, Giurgiului Road, and on the section for Line 35, Timisoara Boulevard. The project involved the welding of standard S49 rails and NP4aS grooved rails by various methods, e.g. Thermit welding, mechanized electric pressure welding and manual electric welding with coated electrodes.

Simultaneously, Wiebe Romania performed for H. F. Wiebe GmbH & Co. KG Thermit welding works (approx. 4,000 welding operations) and continuous-welded track installation works for the SKA – Kiato railway construction project, on the Athens – Corinth section, in Greece. » Full list of projects

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